Press Clipping
Heritage: Richard Bona and Mandekan Cubano

Heritage is the eighth album by Richard Bona, also called "The African Sting" by his fans, and the Afro-Cuban band Mandekan Cubano. The music draws upon the roots of Cuban music, and its incorporation of African rhythms. A vibrant cultural fusion, the richness of Heritage incorporates bass, guitars, electric sitar, vocals, percussion, keyboards, and more into a passionate, stimulating listening experience. Highly recommended, especially for world music collections. "Aka Lingala Te" (1:19), "Bilongo" (5:37), "Matanga" (2:54), "Jokoh Jokoh" (4:59), "Cubaneando" (4:04), "Essewe Ya Monique" (1:57), "Santa Clara Con Montuno" (3:08), "Ngul Mekon" (0:49), "Muntula Moto" (5:02), "Eva" (4:36), "Kivu" (4:28), and "Kwa Singa" (1:15).